Revolving Door

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About this item
  • Revolving door comes with two and three wings
  • Choose from three operational modes
  • It helps to minimize buildings heating and air conditioning loss
  • Comes with key swtich, emergency stop, disabled access, and fire alarm functions

Revolving Glass Door Product Description

Usage/Application Office
Door Open Style Revolving
Height Feet 10 Feet
Material Mild Steel, Glass
Country of Origin Made in India
Glass Thickness 2 mm
Door Weight 70 Kg
Wings Customized
Operational modes Manual, automatic, and manual/automatic
Functions Anti-squeeze sensor, key switch, fire alarm function, disabled access function, and emergency stop function
Certification UL Certified, B/S Certification, Certifire, ISO Certificate

About Revolving Door

Revolving glass doors offer you an impressive aesthetic appearance at the entrance of your building. Usually, a revolving door is made of glass with an aluminum frame supporting them. It has three or four wings that rotate around a vertical axis.

Trade Ocean International offers you revolving doors of superior quality and advanced functions. Revolving doors can be both manual and automatic and also comes in different variations.

Automatic and manual revolving glass doors are widely used in shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, etc.

Benefits of Revolving Doors

  • Comes with a wide range of functions which you don’t get in traditional doors
  • Security features in these doors can help you identify unauthorized persons and deny access
  • Revolving doors help to save a lot of energy


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